Profi Manual Tape Dispenser 161-21401

The Profi Manual Tape Dispenser 161-21401 for packaging tape up to 25mm in width.




Product describtion

This professional manual device may be in a different package, however, it is in fact the well tested 161-21401. We negotiated and received an exclusive global contract with the manufacturer of this device. Since 2013, Volz also holds the exclusive global distributing rights. The packaging is neutral allowing the product to be effectively marketed by multiple dealers.

This professional manual tape dispenser is used for the sealing of cartons and packages. With its roller brake it makes tape dispensing especially easy. Two contact pressure rolls allow for an extremely simple and smooth tape application. The tape cut-off is implemented by activating the release inside the handle, thus protecting the user from injuries. Tapes of 76 mm (3 inch) core diameter and with a width up to 25 mm may be processed. The maximum roll diameter is 170 mm.

The recommended sales price net 140,91 EUR.

Technical data

Tape type
one side adhesive tapes
205 mm
40 mm
210 mm
410 g.
Maximum tape diameter
170 mm
Maximum core diameter
3 Zoll
Maximum roll diameter
25 mm
customs tariff number
8479 8997
country of origin
TH (Thailand)
piece/ carton
1 piece
piece/ dispatch units
20 piece